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Exploring the realm of hair growth treatments at Omni Health Group is a journey towards reclaiming the vitality and density of your hair. Our tailored approach not only aims to stimulate your scalp's natural regrowth capabilities but also to nourish and strengthen your hair from root to tip. With a blend of advanced technology using Benev Exosome Regenerative Complex +and personalized care, we're here to guide you towards achieving the lush, healthy hair you've always desired.

Omni Health's hair growth and regeneration treatment consists of gentle RF Microneedling, using Sylfirm X to create channels in the scalp and stimulate blood flow to wake up dormant hair follicles. Our unique blend of Benev Exosomes are applied to the scalp to give the nutrition the hair follicles need to promote hair growth, a series is always recommended for best results.

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